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Traditional Shotokan Karate


Updated 4/10/2020

For the White Belts

(9th Kyu)

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Practice Keeping your Gi Nice and Clean









Keep your Gi Nice and Clean





Practice How to Fold your Gi  



Practice How to Tie your Belt








How to tie your Belt








How to tie your Belt





Warm up with a 4 Year Old








Warm up with a Junior









Warm up with a Teen








Warm up with an Adult


Practice your Kicks




The 5 Major Shotokan Karate Kicks



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The 3 Parts of your Belt Exam



Part One

Your Kata - Heian Shodan

(Peaceful Mind No 1)












Part Two

Your Kihon (Basics)










Part 3

 Your Kumite (Sparring)









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Blue Belts
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Purple Belts
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Brown Belts
(3rd, 2nd & 1st Kyu)

Black Belts
(Sho Dan and Above)


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