Manhattan Beach
Traditional Shotokan Karate


Updated 4/15/2020


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We are working aggressively to update our on-line, stay at home classes.

We will demonstrate how Traditional Shotokan's Karate (Karate-Do) Lessons apply to all things at all times.

We have an incredible global network of instructors we encourage input from you to set up a program to help EVERYONE!

Together we can help.

Please continue to check in as we accelerate our program.

At first it will be a bit crude. But we need to start. Then as we can we will fill in and polish.

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Please email us each day that you've logged in and taken a lesson.

Send us a pic and or video of something you've been working on at home. Just to show, to get feed back.

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Here are links for each individual level.

Keep up your practice.

Use our Videos to Practice at home while on vacation, if you move away or during pandemics.


White Belts
(9th Kyu)

Yellow Belts
(8th Kyu)

Orange Belts
(7th Kyu)

Green Belts
(6th Kyu)

Blue Belts
(5th Kyu)

Purple Belts
(4th Kyu)

Brown Belts
(3rd, 2nd & 1st Kyu)

Black Belts
(Sho Dan and Above)


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5th Lesson


Set Up You Own YouTube Channel


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We hope you are all doing well.
Thank you following our classes on line.
Ok here is your new homework assignment (Sela, Center Sky and Henryk are exempt).
The homework is meant to be the foundation of a life long project.
Here is your Homework
Set up your own YouTube “Dojo” Channel.
Siblings can do a separate and or combined channel.
To start:
1). A back drop.
Pick a wall in your home, garage or yard that will be your signature backdrop (or even a backdrop you can easily put up and take down). Your best, well thought out, imagination is required. Take your your time and do a good job. Make the backdrop a reflection of you.
2). Even if you already have a YouTube channel, set up a separate one just for your Karate.
3). Give it a name.
We’d like it to follow the line of “Nick’s Dojo”
So use your first name and add “Dojo”.
4). Your first video.
As part of a specific homework assignment, your first video will be “our regular warm up”.
On our “on line class” pages we have 3 examples. Click the link to view.
 The warm up is exactly the same in each video.  The assignment is to have yours exactly the same. The sequence and script. The video should take about 5 minutes.
Many of you already know the script. We even have a video of Barron leading a warm up when he was only 4 years old.
5) Send us the link to your channel so we can view your warm up video and we will subscribe to your channel.
6). After you’ve built a small Karate video library ask your friends to subscribe to you channel.
Let’s see how many subscribers, views and likes you can get.
Everyone completing the assignment will receive points. The first one will get bonus points.
We are working aggressively to shift our resources to adapt to this temporary situation. We are working aggressively to “make lemonade” out of this ordeal.
Tomorrow we will send out videos of what is on your Belt Exam.
Exams for the White Belts through to the Blue Belts.
Stay tuned for live Zoom classes.
Thank you all for everything!!!!!!!!