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Traditional Shotokan Karate


Updated 4/15/2020       



We are working aggressively to update our on-line, stay at home classes.

We will demonstrate how Traditional Shotokan's Karate (Karate-Do) Lessons apply to all things at all times.

We have an incredible global network of instructors we encourage input from you to set up a program to help EVERYONE!

Together we can help.

Please continue to check in as we accelerate our program.

At first it will be a bit crude. But we need to start. Then as we can we will fill in and polish.


Please email us each day that you've logged in and taken a lesson.

Send us a pic and or video of something you've been working on at home. Just to show, to get feed back.


Here are links for each individual level.

Keep up your practice.

Use our Videos to Practice at home while on vacation, if you move away or during pandemics.


White Belts
(9th Kyu)

Yellow Belts
(8th Kyu)

Orange Belts
(7th Kyu)

Green Belts
(6th Kyu)

Blue Belts
(5th Kyu)

Purple Belts
(4th Kyu)

Brown Belts
(3rd, 2nd & 1st Kyu)

Black Belts
(Sho Dan and Above)





Today's Lesson


We started to hand out to our students:


2 - Cans of tuna or 1 - can of corn

(As to never to go hungry)


1 - Bottle of water

(As to never go thirsty)


A candle and matches

(As to never be cold)

(Matches tightly packed in foil - Remember to keep your powder dry)


A piece of chocolate for every family member

(Because chocolate makes you feel better.)

(For everyone to unwrap and eat at the same time. To slowly melt and savor)


A Hot Wheel Toy

(To remember to always have fun - Only one to remember to share)


A John F. Kennedy 50 cent piece

(As to never go broke)



"Today's lesson"


We live in a prosperous country. There is more than enough for everyone.


This reminds of a story which was told year after year in elementary school.

"Stone Soup" - If you don't know of read it. If you know of it read it again. Or watch the video.


These men in war, had learned well the "lessons of life".

"Men Like these don't grow on every bush"


"Stone Soup"

It was presented to us in 2nd grade, then 3rd grade, then 4th grade, then 5th grade, then in 6th grade I came to understand the story. Since then it has never left my way of thinking.


Today's Karate Lesson


We have more than enough and we can make more.

Please share and contribute to our website.


After completing ' the 1st lesson" go to the margin and click the second lesson.


Please email us each day that you've logged in and taken a lesson.

Send us a pic and or video of something you'd like to share. Just to show and or to get feedback.