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Painting trucks dessert sand, barricades - Late 70's I lived in Glendale and worked in Santa Monica for 11 months. I couldn't help but to notice that army trucks would often be traveling the 405. I also noticed how at the beginning of the 11 months they were mostly painted jungle green then towards the end mostly painted dessert sand.

15 second non flashy news stories.

The White House

I don't remember the year perhaps middle 80's - A very short news story that they had put up concrete barricades around the White House. I stopped and thought "how bizarre". Previous to that you could drive up to the White House.


the Eiffel Tower.

There was another very short story where they had uncovered a plot to ram a plain into the Eiffel Tower, again I thought "how bizarre".


Profiling the year and a couple of weeks before.

The year before our U.S. nationals was held in Dallas Texas


Near Misses:

Our most senior students at the time was supposed to be on one of the plains. Short version - Nina had flow back to Boston to make arraignments for her wedding. She got sick and following her mother's suggestion rescheduled her flight. That flight from Boston to L.A. was the one that crashed in Pennsylvania.

A high school friend's office at the Pentagon was bombed out the plane that hit. Luckily it was being remodeled at the time,so his office was relocated.He was there that incredible day. Our U.S. Nationals was held in D.C. the following year. I went to visit him. He gave Lorna and I a tour of the Pentagon, we had lunch at the center pavilion.





Tell Tale Signs