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If you want to build something you need a plan, a blueprint.
Before that..... is the pre planning stage.
You have to decide what it is you want to build.

This is the pre planning stage for a Blueprint.
This is a work in progress. Contributions are welcomed by anyone interested.

A Tournament

Having competed in many tournaments across the country over many years, all of them have been truly great, I bring my experience.

What is of the highest priority is the competition itself.

Plan A - The most basic.
Keeping in mind the costs to the host, the competitors and judges. The competition must go on. However, wherever, but within the integrity of our art. 

Plan B - Includes Plan A
Extras - Pageantry 

Plan C - Includes Plan A may include Plan B
Extra fund raising to subsidize or even cover expenses to athletes, judges, monetary donation to the host regional, national, international organization and the Nishiyama foundation.

Plan D - Includes Plan A may include Plan A and or Plan B
Athletes and judges bonuses such souvenirs, gifts, sightseeing trips etc.

Plan E - Other

You need a list of what you need.
Worst case you need to pay for them, then for as little as possible.
Next best is to have them donated.
Best case is to have them monetized where you are actually paid by company/ corporate sponsors (including philanthropists & benefactors).

We need a locale, so lets pay as little as possible or.... let's see if we can have it donated or..... let's see if we can have it donated and receive compensation. This should be the process of everything that will be needed on the list.

Countries and cities bid (pay money, build facilities etc to host an Olympics, attract a sports team.) let's follow this format. We must try.

We have an army.
We have instructors, we have students, we have families, we have friends and they, and we all have connections and contacts. We have a huge army that needs to be mobilized. We have thousands of eyes, ears and hands that can make it all happen. KNOW THAT THERE MAY BE ONE IN THE ARMY, THAT ALL THEY NEED TO DO IS PICK UP THE PHONE TO MAKE ONE OF THE ITEMS ON THE LIST GO AWAY. There are others that are better connected than us. To have just one person look or just a committee look (even though with good intentions), their ability, connections, expertise is just too limited.

The list
We can have one person (two eyes) or committee (8 eyes) working on an item on a list or we can mobilize the whole army (thousands of eyes). Like a bridal registry make the list open to all to see. Like a scavenger hunt. See who can come up with the best - be it the  lowest cost, be it donated, and hopefully (and very possible) monetized.

The list 
Tournament facility 
Housing for athletes and judges.
Hospitality (food, snacks refreshments, etc) for judges for judges and athletes.
Tournament program and tournament souvenirs.
Pageantry - Decorations (permanent decorations would best as they could be passed on to the next tournament - A tournament kit that could be shipped to tournament to tournament).
National Support
The National Tournament is hosted by a region, yes!
Since all Regions will participate in the event then all should help in funraising every year. If every Region was able to raise just $1,000 (a small amount for a whole Region) times 10 Regions, that's $10,000. Just over the average budget to hold an event.
Yes there is a host Region but all should help to insure a great event. We are not trying to out do eachother. We are to all come together. With a little effort from everybody we create alot.
Let's releave the pressure and stress in hosting an event. Let's focus on what can be learned in the event.
Be the first to pledge $1,000 (or more).


Have all your funds raised in 75 minutes by January 1st.

Using "A New Year's Callenge - 108 Tekki Shodans" as National fund raiser like a telathon.

1). Get the word out.

2). Establish locations

3). Practice regularly to get people ready and pumped up fro the event.

4). Encourage students to teach Tekki Shodan to family, friends and neighbors so they to can also participate. This a great way to raise more funds and recruit new students. You can double or triple you membership.

Charge a nominal fee for the New Year event to raise fund for the host club and or region. Raise funds for the Nationl Tournament in 75 minutes. This can be our annual national fund raiser. Have our funds raised on January 1st for the year ahead. 1,000 participants across the counrty one a year cover the expense. With some effort from all we can easily build this tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands.

Do the math!!!

Are you telling me we can't get a handful of motivted people to organize 20 people per state to donate $10ea.

Just 20 people per state X 50 states = 1,000 people X $10 donation = $10,000.

Are you telling me we can't get 1,000 people to do gather on New Years Day and train out 108 Tekki Shodans? You've got to be kidding! I give up!

With a little bit of planning this can be a annual event that will grow and grow if we work at it wisely. It is possible to raise funds for the year in 75 minutes (about how it takes to do 108 Tekki Shodans). We can take the pressure and stress of holding such an event and put our focus on training.


We should contact every gi manufacture and have them bid to be our sponsor for the year.
We all have our preferences but it should be put it up to bid. Have them provide, publicity, gi's and monetary compensation and more. Gi's for the judges and athletes. (I saw so many worn out gi's at the last nationals.) This bidding process should be to possible sponsors.

Level of Sponsorship
International, National, Hometown local, Philanthropic/ Benefactor 

Hotel sponsor.
Rent a car sponsor.
Airline sponsor.
Even if it's just $100, a small ad in the program and a sign it's something. 1,000 $100 sponsors is $100,000. Let's not limit ourselves. We must aim high or we will miss the mark.
We must aim for our greatest potential.
A water sponsor.
A sports drink sponsor.
A beer sponsor.
A tennis shoe sponsor - Manhattan Beach is the hometown of Sketchers Brand shoes.
A sandal sponsor.
Fast food
Health food
Candy bar
Massage school
With the imagination of one we are limited withe the imagination of thousands we are unlimited.
Athletic wear sponsor.

I have seen some very proficient at tournament computer data processing. This is all on the spot and time sensitive as to keep the tournament moving. Very high pressure, time sensitive and must be 100% accurate.  We should have a permanent person or board to run this extremely important task. Or.... have them train others with their experience.
The Tournament Program Cover
Should be left to those with artistic abilities.
The above cover is my personal favorite to date.
2011's Program displayed the program covers of the past Nationals. It's historical archive. You can see where we've been, now we need to direct where we are are going.
Ideas - You could have color variations of the same design, making it a collectable. Encouraging multiple purchases. You can have 2, 3 or 4 covers that make up one design like a puzzel. You could include a DVD or maybe a iPhone app. We must get as amny ides as possible. We must put out to competition several designs to come up with the best image of what we want to project as to who & what we are.

A Dojo


If you would like to open up your own Dojo

If your Dojo is in the decline/ stale in need of direction and lacking a breath of fresh air ?

Contact us we can HELP!



Based on current AAKF information.
Our average dojo has 20 students.

Based on that then if you have less than that then something is wrong more than that you are doing great! This can be due to location, competition, region, the way and what you teach, etc...

So with a decent size dojo of 1,000 sq. ft. at 2.50 per square ft. your rent is $2,500.
With the average number of students then you need to charge $125 per month just to cover rent. Of coarse you have start up costs and other misc monthly costs. But you have somewhat of an idea it takes.

OK I'm tired and have classes in the morning.
Again this is a work in progress. More to come.
Selecting a the size of the Dojo
Knowing your market
High Season/ Low Season